EPRidgeNearly 30 years ago, Evan Plews fell in love with the sport of mountain biking. In high school he began working in bicycle sales and service to further his habit. As he went on to college and secured his engineering degree he continued to develop his skills as a mechanic and also pursued racing in his free time. After 7 years as a part time bike shop employee EP left that segment of the industry to pursue his marriage to Carol and his engineering career. By that time he had also reached the semi-pro level in gravity mountain bike competition. As he pursued his career in industries including finished wood products, plastic extrusion, electronics and finally chemical manufacturing, Plews focused on endurance cycling and reached the highest levels of the sport. Ten years ago he reached the professional level of mountain bike competition and while training on the road also reached the category 1 level. After two children, Evan left engineering but continued to race to a national championship and many other brilliant results. During that same time he satisfied his yearning to share his passion for cycling through the management of one of the most successful grassroots race teams in OBRA history. While the team struggled to find sponsorship after the 2008 recession, the Plews’ funded the team themselves and weathered the storm with the help of many friends in and outside of the bicycle industry. As his children reached school age Evan began to pursue his longtime dream of owning a community bicycle shop by purchasing commercial property in Dallas, Oregon and beginning a two year process of demolition and construction. In early 2013, plans took a dramatic turn as the family made a decision to advance Caroll’s career by moving to Washington. Undeterred the couple sold their property in Oregon and began the process of opening the operation in Wenatchee. While the environment may be very different, Evan’s passion is universal: to share the joy and rewards of cycling with as many folks as possible! We invite you to visit Ridge Cyclesport and share in our celebration of this amazing adventure!

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