Devinci Atlas XP


Atlas XP

Devinci’s Atlas combines patented Split Pivot suspension with the ultra-smooth roll of a 29-inch wheel that’s made for the trail. But it gets better. Built on Devinci’s tested-to-perfection carbon frame tech, the Atlas Carbon is stiffness tuned for state-of-the-art power and finesse and features an ultra-short chain stay for lightning fast acceleration and superior handling at low speeds. The 29-inch wheel platform on both the Aluminum and Carbon chassis is a tire-to-ground formula that holds momentum longer, while delivering a sasquatch-sized footprint for improved stability and grip across mud, root, and rock ravaged environments. Additional features include a new carbon seat stay and simplified FRG adjustable frame geometry, with less parts for the same great system. Jump on an Atlas today and roll with the ultimate in lightweight, sledgehammer strong execution.*Carbon seat stays on Atlas Carbon frame only*

$2999 X-Large in Stock

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